The Red Aunt


My Aunt Virginia was born in 1929, had red hair and was like a second mom to us kids. Red hair…my brothers called her the red aunt, 1929…she convinced us she was always 29!! She and Uncle Joe adopted when we were a bit older – so first she spoiled us and then we spoiled their kids. Aunt Virginia helped me with my sewing projects, helped Mom with us kids and Uncle Joe on the farm gathering eggs and driving tractors. When they moved to Florida for Aunt Virginia’s health we missed them in so many ways.

This past week my sisters and I flew to Florida to visit Aunt Virginia. She turns 29 plus 61 years old this year.   What a great visit – telling stories, catching up, laughing till we cried and loving on a lady who loved on us. Happy 90th birthday, Aunt Virginia.

Who has been an influence in your life? Call them and tell them you love them.

1 Corinthians 13:13 But the greatest of these is love.


 Rhubarb pie

Happy birthday, Alvin


How does this all go together? We made a Grandma Werner rhubarb pie for Bill’s brother’s birthday today. I could not guess how many pies Grandma made in her lifetime. There was always pie when someone came to visit. You might think – no big deal – but they lived on a farm. Grandma was up early milking cows, farm chores, taking care of kids and all with limited resources back then. Her recipe lives on thru her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. My grandson Ben has loved rhubarb pie since before he could say “wu-barb”!!!!!! We have great memories baking pies even with boys who are now taller than Grammy. Bake some happiness with your children/grandchildren today.

A happy heart makes the face cheerful. Proverbs 15:13


Now I stroll at leisure with God in the sunlit fields of life. Psalm 56:12

Stroll is a word you don’t hear much. The dictionary defines stroll as a walk in a leisurely way, wander, and meander. When was the last time you took a stroll? I remember summer evenings my mom and dad strolling down the road. Not a big deal you might think. There were eight of us kids, we lived on a farm – so there was always something to do. Their pace was slow, leisurely. Maybe they enjoyed being away from us kids for a moment, a time to talk, be together, or enjoy the quiet! I have a mental picture memory of them strolling down the road.

Take time today to take a stroll, let His peace wash over you.


As I thought about what to share this week about Easter I heard God say I have already given you a story about Easter, share that!! What? Not finished. Not written for adults. Oh I had a lot of excuses, but for the childlike faith inside each of us here goes………..

Easter eggs.

Easter bonnets.

Easter bunny.

But what is Easter – really?

Ride on a donkey. John 12:12-15

Parade!!! John 12:12

Supper with friends. Luke 22:14-20

Washing feet. John 13:5-6

Cross. Luke 23:26-46

Tomb. Mark 15:46-47

Big stone moved. Mark 16:4-5

Jesus is alive. Mark 16:6-7



My friend “graduated” to heaven this week. She was a people magnet. We would joke; you had to get in line to talk to ‘mama’ on Sunday morning. One Sunday I was talking to her about her week. She had led several bible studies at a local nursing home. You might think—she’s retired and has plenty of time. Why not her? Mama walked with a walker and had very painful knees. I asked her how she managed the steps. She smiled, I can go up – I just come down on my bottom!!!! Humbling for sure. It made me look at what God is calling me to do. Am I (are you) willing to come down on your bottom for Jesus??


I had my plan for this week all worked out in my brain. AND God said – this is what I want. Has that ever happened to you? All our best laid plans and then poof, God tells us what He wants us to do. Today my friend Dana, (The Old Shubox) sent the finished picture she made for me. I hope you can understand when I say she didn’t just make it for me, she made it for me. It touched my heart. I wasn’t having a bad day but God knew I needed a gentle reminder of how much He cares for me—for us! Has someone been on your heart? Say a prayer. Send a text, call. Or better yet visit. Don’t put it off. We never know what God will do when we say, not my will but yours Lord. Thank you Dana.








AND…MUD…all signs of spring on the farm. But there is also a “spring time” that springs up in our hearts as we watch God’s creation wake up from a long winter nap. Take time today to watch spring come to life in nature—and in your heart. How beautiful God describes it in the Song of Solomon 2:11 in the Message. Spring flowers are in blossom all over. The whole world’s a choir and singing. Spring warblers are filling the forest with sweet arpeggios. Lilacs are exuberantly purple and perfumed….AMEN. Enjoy dear friends.









My heart was so excited for our mom/girls week-end. And we did all of the above! Parenting (and they still are our babiesJ) adult girls brings its own challenges. Stepping back and letting them be big girls, pride in their accomplishments. Seeing their love for God shine through their love for each other. We talked of serious things, silly things, ate popcorn and watched Hallmark, and my first hockey game! How does my heart feel now? As with all visits it went so fast, but I have all those memories tucked away in the “memory keeper” of my heart.

Make time to do what makes you happy.

A happy heart is good medicine and a joyful mind causes healing…Proverbs 17:22 AMP






I was talking to my sisters recently about the things we do and don’t do. I’ll use driving at night as an example. If I say I don’t drive at night. Then my thinking becomes, I won’t drive at night. And pretty soon we believe we can’t drive at night. What’s the solution? SPEAK a step of faith. Say…I do. I will. I can. AND YOU CAN TOO!

…for there will be nothing to fear. Micah 4:4 NLV



For the second time today I have read words like perseverance, patience, practice. Is God trying to tell me something, to encourage me? I think so. Perseverance is tenacity, determination, staying power. In today’s world it is easy…to give up when something doesn’t go just right, throw away what I don’t like and get new, get impatient when it takes longer than I think it should. So what is God telling me? It’s a decision. As parents we encourage our children to never give up, as God’s kid He tells us to never give up. So send out another query, make a decision to eat right (again), call a neighbor, send a card, ______________ fill in the blank. How thankful I am that He never gives up on me and YOU! Therefore, since God in his mercy has given us this new way, WE NEVER GIVE UP. 2 Corinthians 4:1NLT