It is always so fun to see the first day of school pictures. See how much the kids have grown, share the excitement of new classes, new clothes, and sometimes ‘tears’. As most of you know I am a retired teacher and every first day of school was very exciting for me. From a teacher perspective – I always asked the Lord to put the students He wanted in my class. I prayed I would be able to meet their needs every day. Did everyone get a smile, a kind word a gentle touch, a word of encouragement? How could I teach that lesson to meet the needs of my students? Did I do my best? A teacher is a teacher 24/7. Take time as we begin a new school year to thank the teachers in your life – past or present.


…and THANK YOU Mrs. Jobe, my third grade teacher!



So…long time no blog. Life has been busy.

SEW…Ali’s 4-H project.

SOW…most important, sowing seeds of love in our garden. A surprise 40th birthday for Lori. Mandy impromptu visit. Everyday life. Celebrating 46 years.

SO…what’s the point you might ask. Sometimes we don’t see the importance of sowing in the lives of our spouse, our kids, grandkids, the people closest to us.  What we sow into our family everyday causes a ripple effect.  No seed sown is too small!

So…maybe you can teach one of yours to sew, or sow another gift into their lives that only you can sow. Be liberal in sowing your seeds…a farmer who sows only a few seeds will get a small crop. But the one who sows generously will get a generous crop!!!! 2Cor.9:6

The Red Aunt


My Aunt Virginia was born in 1929, had red hair and was like a second mom to us kids. Red hair…my brothers called her the red aunt, 1929…she convinced us she was always 29!! She and Uncle Joe adopted when we were a bit older – so first she spoiled us and then we spoiled their kids. Aunt Virginia helped me with my sewing projects, helped Mom with us kids and Uncle Joe on the farm gathering eggs and driving tractors. When they moved to Florida for Aunt Virginia’s health we missed them in so many ways.

This past week my sisters and I flew to Florida to visit Aunt Virginia. She turns 29 plus 61 years old this year.   What a great visit – telling stories, catching up, laughing till we cried and loving on a lady who loved on us. Happy 90th birthday, Aunt Virginia.

Who has been an influence in your life? Call them and tell them you love them.

1 Corinthians 13:13 But the greatest of these is love.