I entered a 214 word Valentine writing contest, so today I am sharing it with you.  The heart is made from my Dad’s flannel shirt!!  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!



“Papaw, my homework is to find love,” I said, as he zipped my coat.

“Where should we look?” He took my hand to cross the street.

“What does it look like?” Papaw gave the man his apple.

“Where should we start looking Papaw?” He took our neighbor’s garbage cans in.

“How big do you think love is?” We finished the dishes for Mama.

“Did you finish your homework?” Mama asked as she finished hers.

“No, but Papaw said he would help me.”

LOVE, I wrote, as I snuggled next to Papaw.

“What should I write Papaw?”

“Well, I’m curious, what do you think love might be?”


I don’t know Papaw.

What am I going to do?

I have to do my homework.”

“It’s ok. Think about your day. Was there anything that looked like love?”

“You helped me with my zipper when it was stuck.”

“Yes, because I love you. Anything else?”

“You helped me cross the street.”


“Gave your apple away.

Took garbage cans in.

Did dishes for Mama.”

AND you are helping me.”

“I found love Papaw…YOU!

I Corinthians 13:4 …love is patient and kind.


No it’s not Christmas yet—or again, but this didn’t get written or posted. So it has been in my head through Christmas tree cutting down, shopping, decorating, wrapping, cookie baking, visits to family and neighbors, AND kids home and “facetimed”. Every day the Nativity is just as important to remember as it is on Christmas Day. Mary and Joseph giving us the example of what it means to hear the word of God and OBEY. (A message for me to remember.) And Jesus our salvation…what a gift our Father gave us that Christmas long ago and this Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS every day!!

…for unto us a Child is born. Isaiah 9:6



Veteran’s Day passed with so many wonderful tributes to our Veterans past and present. I want to honor my Dad, a WWII veteran. Because of their sacrifice we are able to celebrate Thanksgiving in our wonderful free country. In the midst of family, turkey and pumpkin pie, take time to give honor to the ONE, who made it all possible.




We recently vacationed in the beautiful state of Washington. Water. Big Trees. Mountains. Desert. Rain Forests. Snow. (And the Sound of Music in an outdoor theater in the mountains!!!!) All parts of God’s creation. Among the sights we saw the most northwestern spot on the continental United States, the tallest mountain in Washington, the place that has the most snow in the U.S., and the world’s record Sitka spruce tree. All these biggest, farthest, tallest….made me think of my heavenly Father. No one loves us a “big” as He does. He will go to bat for us every time. He will never give up on us.

As we were standing on the most Northwestern point – I thought how we go as far as we can – till we can’t go any farther on our own – and then we cry out to God for help. I told myself I am going to do better about being present with God every day, not just when I can’t do it on my own. How am I doing? Well let’s just say it’s a process. Come with me, go big, go far, do more WITH GOD!!

Jeremiah 33:3 “Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things…”

AND – a wonderful visit with my college roommate!!!








AND…MUD…all signs of spring on the farm. But there is also a “spring time” that springs up in our hearts as we watch God’s creation wake up from a long winter nap. Take time today to watch spring come to life in nature—and in your heart. How beautiful God describes it in the Song of Solomon 2:11 in the Message. Spring flowers are in blossom all over. The whole world’s a choir and singing. Spring warblers are filling the forest with sweet arpeggios. Lilacs are exuberantly purple and perfumed….AMEN. Enjoy dear friends.