A sewing rocker, grandma’s apron, mom’s sewing basket, an “egg”, and my grandson’s sock! Seems like an unlikely combination to some, but brings back memories for me. Grandma always wore an apron, she would settle into the chair her apron became her work surface. The sewing basket was always full of socks with holes, thanks to us eight kids! They would dump the basket of socks onto their lap, slip the “egg” inside the sock and slowly sew the hole closed. The “egg” protected their fingers from getting stuck. We never threw a sock away just because it had a hole in it. It’s somehow comforting thinking of Mom and Grandma darning our socks, rocking, a simpler life. Maybe they chatted about the weather, the garden or the latest antic of one of us kids, or maybe they enjoyed the quiet time, doing what needed to be done. Darning with an egg!

Do not despise these small beginnings……Zechariah 4:10 NLT

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