What do you do with a hole?

What do YOU do with a hole?

Several months ago a friend of ours talked about holes during prayer. He said we need holes in our lives for God to fill up. For example… God filled some holes with water and we call them the Great Lakes! It made me start thinking about holes. What is a hole? At first I thought about holes in socks, mud holes, holes that provide homes for animals, or donut holesJ. But what if my hole is a blank piece of paper waiting for a story. Or a lump of clay waiting for a pot. Or a piece of material waiting to be a blanket for a sick baby. Or an empty day planner waiting for God to fill it with His plans. (Not mine) I’m going to start paying attention to the holes in my life—how about you?

A hole is a space where everything has been moved out so that opportunity has a space to move in. Craig D. Lounsbrough

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