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God wants you to believe you CAN do everything with Him at your side. This 21 day devotional for young children will help them believe they CAN do all things. By memorizing simple scripture verses, stories, drawing and coloring, this devotional is perfect for instilling an I CAN attitude at a young age.

50 pages
8.5 x 0.14 x 11 inches

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3 reviews for KID CAN

  1. Abby G.

    Kid Can is the best devotional book I’ve seen for kids! It gives them the opportunity to participate (write, draw, answer questions, etc), instead of just listen to a story! Emmie did a tremendous job with this book and my boys LOVED it!

  2. Susan Dietz

    I have a great niece and great nephew whose parents pray with them at bedtime. I think “Kid Can” will be an excellent gift! I have 2 copies which I will be sending to them. I think they will enjoy this devotional/activity book!

  3. Beth Gates

    Emmie has written a beautiful inter-active book that can be used by parents or teachers to introduce the children to God’s word. Children will begin to see that they indeed can do all things with the help and direction of God and their families. It would be an excellent way to end the day with your child and share God’s love with them. It encourages a positive attitude for your child and lets them know that all things are possible. Teachers can use these as a weekly lesson and activity. Emmie shares many activities that you can do, in addition to the activity book. It is a lovely, easy way to introduce your child to God.

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