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God wants you to believe you CAN do everything with Him at your side. This 21 day devotional for young children will help them believe they CAN do all things. By memorizing simple scripture verses, stories, drawing and coloring, this devotional is perfect for instilling an I CAN attitude at a young age.

50 pages
8.5 x 0.14 x 11 inches

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13 reviews for KID CAN

  1. Abby G.

    Kid Can is the best devotional book I’ve seen for kids! It gives them the opportunity to participate (write, draw, answer questions, etc), instead of just listen to a story! Emmie did a tremendous job with this book and my boys LOVED it!

  2. Susan Dietz

    I have a great niece and great nephew whose parents pray with them at bedtime. I think “Kid Can” will be an excellent gift! I have 2 copies which I will be sending to them. I think they will enjoy this devotional/activity book!

  3. Beth Gates

    Emmie has written a beautiful inter-active book that can be used by parents or teachers to introduce the children to God’s word. Children will begin to see that they indeed can do all things with the help and direction of God and their families. It would be an excellent way to end the day with your child and share God’s love with them. It encourages a positive attitude for your child and lets them know that all things are possible. Teachers can use these as a weekly lesson and activity. Emmie shares many activities that you can do, in addition to the activity book. It is a lovely, easy way to introduce your child to God.

  4. Leona

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! KID CAN, because Kids can and they need to know it!! God’s Word is powerful and will work in our children’s hearts to empower them from an early age. KID CAN is not just for Christian families, but will also introduce any child to truths they may hear no where else. EMMIE’s joyful characters are charismatic and so fun to read and to color. My grandchildren will also love the coloring pages and extra activities on EMMIE’s website. Thank you Emmie Werner for sharing your gift of teaching and writing with our children🥰

  5. Mandy Roe

    KID CAN has encouraged my kids to believe in themselves and know that there isn’t anything they cannot do. My kids enjoyed filling in each day of the devotional and being creative. Highly recommend this!

  6. Joanna Parkhurst

    What a sweet book that teaches kids confidence and reliance on the Lord. My 5 yr old loves doing his lesson everyday and it makes him feel proud that he can fill in the blanks! Thank you Emmie for sowing into the next generation!

  7. Ann Salatin

    I plan on using this devotional for a Wednesday Night discipleship. Each week we will work through 1 2 page spread. Each child will do their quiet time with God and then be invited to share what God spoke to them. This will be a great tool which the kids will then take home and be able to look at again and again. Gods love for them as unique shines through in this book.

  8. Jackie Kippler

    Kid Can is an awesome devotional/activity book. Beautifully written to help children to think and pray all the things that God has done in their lives.
    Emmie has provided a much needed positive tool for children to engage with their parents and a way for them to interact with the Lord.

  9. Karen Maune.

    Kid Can is a wonderful book for kids. It’s the best kids devotional has an activity for kids and they can draw and write there answers to questions about Gods word.
    Emmie has written a great book for kids to discover more of Gods word in their lives.

  10. Annette W

    The simple Bible verses and activities encourage children to make Jesus an important part of their lives each day. This devotional is a good tool to start conversations with even your very young children about their feelings on a wide range of subjects.

  11. Becky

    My family loves this devotional. It’s a great book for kids or the entire family to do. It teaches you that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

  12. Beverly Broughton (verified owner)

    Wonderful book for kids. We brought it for our Sunday school class.

  13. Paulette Fette

    If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to engage your child/grandchild in God’s Word, then this is the book for you! Kid Can is a wonderful, interactive devotional that promotes confidence in children through various activities. This book will help prepare children to call on God first as they journey through the challenges of life. Highly recommend!

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