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Downloadable KID CAN Coloring Pages

Additional KID CAN Activities

Additional KID CAN activities to be used for a classroom, Sunday school, homeschool, or daily Bible devotion. Can be used in a weekly or daily.

Day 1
Write the scripture verse on flashcards, one word on each card. Then, shuffle the cards and have children put the scripture in order. Put the cards on the floor in order and ‘Bible walk,’ repeating the scripture as you step on each flashcard.

Day 2
Gather some seeds and tin cans, paint them before hand or if time have the children paint and decorate. Have the children write the verse on the can. Plant the seeds and send home with the children to ‘care’ for their plant.

Day 3
If possible bring in an air mattress or some type of small cushion the children can jump on. Have the children take turns acting out the scripture. Then have the children sit and BE STILL. Share what God is saying to them.

Day 4
Bring small gifts for the children to choose for someone special. Provide wrapping paper and materials for the children to wrap their gift and make a card. Be sure to thank them for their special gift.

Day 5
Using cardboard or foam board and a foam pool noodle make armor. Write the verse on the shield. Have the children practice being fearless.

Day 6
Play “JESUS SAYS” (Simon says). Talk about the importance of obeying. Bring in some heavy objects or weights, have the children lift object while saying the verse.

Day 7
Provide materials for children to make banners and flags. Write the verse on flags and banners. Provide balloons and maybe noise makers to have a parade.

Day 8
Before class have jobs the children can help with either at their home, church or school. Have the children choose what they want to do, if possible have them complete during class time. Provide supplies for children to make a card with the verse to give to those they are helping.

Day 9
Bring a wrapped gift box and put small toys or candy inside. Have the children guess what they hope could be in the box. Have the children help you unwrap the box as they say the verse and choose their gift.

Day 10
Make two sets of flashcards with one word from the bible verse on each card. Play the match game and then put the verse in order. Have fun!

Day 11
Free day let the children choose an activity. FREEDOM!

Day 12
Have children sit in a circle and roll or toss a ball to one another. When the child catches the ball they say, ‘JESUS FORGIVES ME’ and then toss the ball to another child.

Day 13
Provide plastic gloves and bags for the children. Take the children on a walk to pick up trash. Give each child a partner to work with them.

Day 14
Make a thankful tree. Bring in a tree branch and provide a variety of cut outs for the children to choose from. Have them write what they are thankful for or draw pictures of things they are thankful for and then hang it on a tree.

Day 15
Bring paper plates, napkins, forks, spoons and a table cloth for this activity. With the children’s help set the table. While setting the table, talk about what they believe will happen. Then, put out water and a pre-packaged snack for each place setting. Ask the children now what do they believe will happen? Enjoy receiving at God’s party.

Day 16
Sing the song, If You’re Happy and You Know It____________ your hands. Continue singing the song until each child has had a turn to fill in the action.

Day 17
Provide popsicle sticks and yarn for the children to make crosses. As they are working on their cross, talk with them about what Jesus did for them on the cross. Allow children time to pray if there is someone who would like to ask Jesus into their heart.

Day 18
Have three legged races with the children. Repeat the verse as they walk side by side.

Day 19
Have a variety of games for the children to play. Play games together, talk about good attitudes, and have fun.

Day 20
Set up an obstacle course for the children. Chant God makes us win against troubles.

Day 21
Give each child a flashlight and spread out. Explain to the children you are going to turn out the lights. Turn out lights. Then, as children find one another in the dark, yell “BE BRAVE!”